The Western Ghats hosts a lot of serene beauty of Nature; as result it also has been the dwelling of many deities along its longer stretch, Marudhamalai, Vellingiri are quite popular. Another popular with a Sanctum abode is the Anuvavi Subramaniyar Temple. The pristine beauty of Nature really makes us worship it, in addition to the deity here. The prime deity here is Lord Subramaniyar (Lord Murugan) along with Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Idumban and the Navagrahas. The speciality about this temple is that it is very old and has a legend associated with it that dates back to the period of Ramayana. One more unique aspect of this temple is that one does not find Lord Hanuman in temples where Lord Murugan is a prime deity but Anuvavi has Lord Hanuman as one of the deities. There is a legend that explain why Hanuman is one of the deities in Anuvavi.

When Lord Hanuman was on his way back bringing the Sanjeevi Parvatham as instructed by Jamabavan to cure Lakshmana who fell unconscious in the battle. He felt very thirsty and could not find any water source nearby and that was when Lord Subramaniyar appeared and pierced the mountain with his weapon The Vel (spear) and a spring came gushing out with water that helped Lord Hanuman quench his thirst. After quenching His thirst, Lord Hanuman continued on his way to Srilanka and hence there arose a temple for Lord Murugan carrying the name of Lord Hanuman to remind of this legend. The spring that quenched Lord Hanuman’s thirst still flows in hills and is being used by the people for drinking. The name Anuvavi in Tamil means Anu (Hanuman) + Vavi (Spring, Waterhole or Pond) and reminds us of the legend.

The temple is located 18 kms from Coimbatore city via Kanuvai en route to Anaikatti. A lot of buses ply to the temple foothills. The days in which the Krithigai star falls is auspicious and celebrated along with the other days that are auspicious for Lord Murugan.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful temple.

The entrance arch to the temple

The mandapam of the the Lord Vinayaga Temple

The steps to the Anuvavi Subramaniyar Temple

The view of the temple and the stairs and the natural beauty of the mountains

The guys who made it possible – Kannadhasan, Pradeep, Ravi, Suresh Raja, Sathiyaraj

The mandapam for people to take some rest while they climb up or down

The mandapam near the Idumban Shrine

The flowers blooming en route to the temple with the following pictures showing the scenic serenity of nature

View of the Western Ghats at the top after reaching the main shrine

Another view of the western ghats from the top

The Anuvavi Subramaniyar Shrine (Vimanam)

Lord Vinayaga Shrine

Another view of the main shrine

The Lord Hanuman Shrine

The Hanuman Theertham (the spring that quenched Hanuman’s thirst)

Another view of the Hanuman Theertham

View of the Main shrine from near the Lord Shiva shrine above

Another view from the top

View from near the Lord Shiva Shrine

The zealous guys near the Lord Shiva Shrine

A few pictures of the natural beauty of the temple

The mandapam before the Lord Vinayaga shrine during the descent

We have to climb around 500 steps to reach the main shrine. However, the effort rewards us not only with the blessings of Lord Subramaniyar, Lord Hanuman and the other deities but also the blessings of Mother Nature.

More to come, until then…