We have already seen about Edaikaadar and his predictions in the previous post Esoteric Edaikaar. Edaikaadar is also believed to be a disciple of another Siddhar called Bogar. Bogar is the one who installed the Navapaashana Statue at Palani Hills. Bogar is said to be of Chinese origin and travelled extensively all the way to Tamil Nadu; prepared and installed the Navapaashana Statue. More about Bogar in a later post, but Edaikaadar being the disciple of Bogar is illustrated in his songs as he mentions about China in his predictions. So, it seems that he would also have visited China with Bogar.

Let us see the predictions he mentioned about last year (Viya), this year (Sarvasithu) and the next five years (Saravadhaari, Virodhi, Vikrudhi, Kara, Nandhana). The songs go like this


“Viyavarudam Maari Vilaivundaam Cheenam
Suya Vaazvudanae Sugamaam Uyarvaam
Pathinettu Viththum Pathivaai Palikkum
Sathir Peru Nallakkam Migumthaan”

meaning in the Viya year there will very good rainfall and all the 18 major crops will grow well. China will grow to be self-sufficient. And good deeds and yaagams will rise on this planet.

Viya Varudam – Viya Year
Maari – Rains
Vilaivu – Growth of Crops
Cheenam – China
Suya Vaazhvu – Self Sufficiency
Sugam – Comfort, Happiness
Uyarvu – Promotion and good fortune
Pathinettu – Eighteen
Viththum – Crops
Pathivaai – Register (usually an event), Surely
Palikkum – Happen for sure
Sathir – Boundaries
Perum – Receive
Nall – Good
Yakkam – Yaagams
Migum – Rise

I guess China is establishing itself in a global level and there was indeed a good rainfall too last year. The next song relates to this year (April 2007 – March 2008)


“Sarvasithu Thannil Avathil Palavum
Ore Pathinettu Vithuthum Ongum Perumaiyudan
Mikka Vilaivindaam Menmaelum Maariyundaam
Thakka Sugam Perugum Thaan”

meaning, during Sarvasithu all the 18 crops will have good yield. Rains will pour continuously in quantities more than required. All happiness and comfort will last throughout the year.

Sarvasithu Thannil – During Sarvasithu
Avathil – Planet, world
Ore Pathinettu – one 18
Viththu – Crops
Ongum – Gain, have good growth
Perumai – Pride
Mikka – Excess
Vilaivu – Growth of crops
Menmael – Over and Over again
Maari – Rains
Undaam – Affirmative
Thakka – Appropriate
Sugam – Comfort
Perugum – Rising

Of course, we can see, that main places being lashed by rains, but the overall picture makes us to wait for another five more months. For the rest we have to wait to see if it really works


“Narr Sarvadhaarin Nalla Mazhai Undaam
Arppa Vithaanadhellam Aagadhu Sorrperiya
Aindhu Vagai Vilaivum Aagum Sugamudanae
Maindhar Ellam Vaazhndhiruppar Matru”

meaning, during Sarvadhaari rains will be good, but only the 5 major crops will have a good yield, the rest would not. And people will live a comfortable life.

Narr – Good
Sarvadhaarin – year Sarvathaari
Nalla – Good
Mazhai – Rains
Undaam – Affirmative
Arppa – Mean
Vithu – Crops
Aagadhu – Negation, Will not happen
Sorrperiya – Things worth mentioning
Aindhu – Five
Vagai – Variety
Vilaivum – Harvest
Aagum – Happen
Sugam – Comfort
Maindhar – People, Children
Ellam – All
Vaazhndhu – Live
Iruppar – Exist
Matru – the rest of it


“Needu Virodhi Nilathin Mazhai Migudhi
Medu Kaadellam Vilaivundaam Needum
Arasar Peraalae Azhiyum Ulagam
Thiramigu Noi Saerumena Seppu”

meaning, during virodhi rains will pour everywhere, and hence there will be good growth of crops everywhere, be it plains or hills. Rulers and Kings (can be interpreted as countries) will fight with each other and cause devestation and destruction. Contagious and diseases will be on the rise.

Needu – Long
Virodhi – year Virodhi
Nilathin – On this land
Mazhai – Rain
Migudhi – Excess
Medu – Mounds
Kaadu – Forest, Plains
Ellam – All
Vilaivu – Harvest
Undaam – Affirmative
Arasar Peraalae – Because of Kings
Azhiyum – get destroyed
Ulagam – World
Thiramigu – More potent and powerful
Noi – Disease
Saerum – Will reach
Seppu – Tell


“Vaiyam Thanil Vikrudhi Maari Vilaivadhigam
Seiyya Valangal Sirakkumae Aiyya Kael
Maadu Kazhudhai Vayapari Noi Mikku
Saada Meliyumae Thaan”

meaning, during Vikrudhi, rains and crop harvest will be good. All the resources will be abundant, but cows and donkeys (to be interpreted as cattle) will catch disease and die in large numbers

Vaiyam Thanil – In the earth (Vaiyam – Earth)
Vikrudhi – The year Vikrudhi
Maari – Rain
Vilaivadhigam – Vilaivu (harvest) + Adhigam (Excess)
Seiyya – Beauty, usually used as an adjective
Valangal – Resources
Sirakkumae – Get better
AiyyaKael – Hear with caution
Maadu – Cow
Kazhudhai – Donkey
Vayapari – Contagion
Noi – Disease
Mikku – Too much
Meliyumae – Get weak, die


“Kara Varudam Maari Peiyum Kaasiniyum Uyiyum
Uramigundha Vella Engum Odum Nirai Migundhu
Naalukaal Seevan Azhiyum Noiyaal Madiyum
Paal Neiyumae Surungum Paar”

meaning, during Kara year, rains will be good and the people in the world will attain bliss and salvation, but floods will inundate everywhere and four legged cattle will die in large numbers because of diseases. And hence, milk and ghee will go scarce.

Kara – The year Kara
Varudam – Year
Maari – Rain
Peiyum – downpour of rain
Kaasiniyum – Earth
Uyiyum – Salvation
Uramigundha – Forceful
Vella – Flood
Engum – Everywhere
Odum – Flow
Nirai – word used refer cattle
Migundhu – in excess
Naalukaal – Four legged
Seevan – Beings
Azhiyum – Destroy
Noiyaal – Disease
Madiyum – Die, Perish
Paal – Milk
Neiyumae – Ghee
Surungum – Shrink


“Nandhanathin Maariyarum Naadengum Panjam Migum
Nandhumuyir Noyaal Naliyumae Andharathin
Meenu Thirundhu Thooman Ezhum Mikka Keduthi Undaam
Kone Madivan Endrae Nee Kooru”

meaning, during Nandhana year, rains will fail and famine will strike throughout the world. Beings will die as a result of diseases. Comet will appear indicating a bad omen. Kings and Rulers will die in this year.

Nandhanathin – In the year Nandhana
Maariyarum – Maari (Rain) + Arum (Fail)
Naadengum – All over the country
Panjam – Famine
Migum – Excess
Nandhumuyir – refers to cattle being grown
Noyaal – Disease
Naliyumae – Become weak, or perish
Andharathin – Space
Meen Irundhu – Stars
Thooman – Comet, indicating bad omen
Ezhum – Rise
Mikka – In Excess
Keduthi – Bad Things, Mishaps
Undaam – Affirmative
Kone – Kings, Rulers
Madivan – Die
Kooru – Tell

It is not about the belief that it works or not, but the thing that makes us wonder is Edaikaadar’s ability was able to predict the happenings in a generic fashion even with no technological advancements. By probing more into those ancient texts, we would be able to realise and reveal it to the world, what our ancestors have left for us.

More to come, until then…