“Who am I?”, a question that has baffled and intrigued many philosophers and metaphysicists. The question that most don’t find and answer. If they find an answer to this question, most would not be able to express that verbally. It is not the social identity a person is given. It is about the inner-self, the soul, your ethereal identity – rather shortly – “The Real You”. A bit confusing??? Well lets a take a look at what Thirumoolar says and see our thoughts get provoked and intrigued. Here goes the song

“Ettaan Arindhilan Yaetraval Kandilal
Thattaan Arindhum Oruvarkkum Uraithilan
Pattaangu Sollum Paramanum Angulan
Kettaen Immaayaiyin Keezhmai Yevvaray”

– Thirumoolar

meaning, “The sower of the genetic seed (Father) does not know who I am. The acceptor of the genetic seed (Mother) does not know who I am. The creator (Lord Brahma), though he knows who I am, does not tell anyone about that. Even Lord Shiva – the God of Destruction, the foreteller of the end of life – is present there at that time. See! I have been spoilt and just imagine the meanness I have been put into by illusion/oblivion that caused this”

Ettaan – The person who gives; in this context, sower of genetic seed
Arindhilan – Arindhu (know) + Elan (negation a form of Ellai, masculine gender) = The referred person does not have the knowledge
Yaetraval – Yaetra (accept) + Aval (addressing the second person feminine gender) = The person who accepts
Kandilal – Kandu (See, be aware) + Elal (negation a form of Ellai, feminine gender) = The referred person is not aware
Thattaan – Blacksmith; the one who shapes object by striking; in this context, the creator – Lord Brahma
Arindhum – Having knowledge
Oruvarkkum – Even for a single person
Uraithilan – Uraithu (tell) + Elan – He will not tell
Pattaangu – End of world, life etc
Sollum – Telling
Paramanum – (Paraman – Lord Shiva) Even Lord Shiva
Angulan – Angu(there) + Ulan (exists)
Kettaen – Kettu – Become Spoilt
Immaayai – This(Im) illusion (Maayai)
Keezhmai – Lowest point, meanest
Yevvaray – imagine how

Intriguing!!! This is what great philosophers, saints and siddhars have professed all their life. Know thyself!!! A great and difficult thing to be achieved. Lets start on a journey to find who we are for ourselves!!

More to come, until then…