Edaikaadar or Edaikaatu Siddhar is one of the 18 Siddhars. He is known to have mastered the art of astrology besides the 8 maha-siddhis called the Ashtama Siddhis (great yogic powers – see here ). He is known to have won what the fate had for him and the country with his Siddhis. Of all his work, the awesome and the great work describing what happens each year in the world. It is quite esoteric that you have to believe it to understand it. It cannot be considered as a prediction or specific statement of what happens during 2005, 2006 etc, but rather it seems to me as more or less a mathematical calculation.

Well, let me explain it more clearly. Describing what would happen each in the world is not an easy task and that too in a generic way. What Edaikaadar has done, is that he has divided the time frame into 60 years, named from Prabava to Akshaya, and has given the generic happenings for each of those years. Those 60 years repeat as a cycle and each year starts from April 14 to the April 13 of the next year, i.e., the Chitirai month to the Panguni Month, in the Tamil Calendar. The following table lists the names of the years (1-60). The current year is Parthiba (14 April 2005 – 13 April 2006)

Year Name From Apr-14 To Apr-13
Prabava 1987 1988
Vibava 1988 1989
Sukila 1989 1990
Pramogadha 1990 1991
Prajorpaththi 1991 1992
Aangirasa 1992 1993
Srimuga 1993 1994
Bhava 1994 1995
Yuva 1995 1996
Thadhu 1996 1997
Easwara 1997 1998
Vegudhanya 1998 1999
Pramadhi 1999 2000
Vikrama 2000 2001
Vishu 2001 2002
Chithirabanu 2002 2003
Subanu 2003 2004
Dharana 2004 2005
Parthiba 2005 2006
Viya 2006 2007
Sarvasiththu 2007 2008
Sarvadhari 2008 2009
Virodhi 2009 2010
Vikrudhi 2010 2011
Kara 2011 2012
Nandhana 2012 2013
Vijaya 2013 2014
Jaya 2014 2015
Manmadha 2015 2016
Thunmughi 2016 2017
Hayvilambi 2017 2018
Vilambi 2018 2019
Vigari 2019 2020
Sarvari 2020 2021
Pilava 2021 2022
Subhakridhu 2022 2023
Sobakridhu 2023 2024
Kurodhi 2024 2025
Visuvavasu 2025 2026
Parabhava 2026 2027
Pilavanga 2027 2028
Keelaga 2028 2029
Sowmiya 2029 2030
Saadharana 2030 2031
Virodhikridhu 2031 2032
Paridhabi 2032 2033
Pramadheesa 2033 2034
Aanandha 2034 2035
Rakshasa 2035 2036
Nala 2036 2037
Pingala 2037 2038
Kaalayukthi 2038 2039
Siddharthi 2039 2040
Rowdhri 2040 2041
Thunmadhi 2041 2042
Thundhubi 2042 2043
Rudhrodhgaari 2043 2044
Rakthakshi 2044 2045
Kurodhana 2045 2046
Akshaya 2046 2047

The generic predictions of the happenings in each of these years have been sung by Edaikaadar as Verses called Venba in Tamil Literature. I have posted a few of those verses with their meanings

PARTHIBA (APRIL 2005-2006)

Desamisai Parthiba Varudam Singalathar
Desathar Nesam Kedum Ananda Desathu – Rajar
Aniyayam Seivar Radham Yerum Maari
Inidhaam Vilaivum Ulavaam

meaning, during the year Parthiba, the Srilankans would have a bad time, having their internal and external relations spoiled. Kings and Rulers of other countries would do blatant injustice. Rains will batter the world. The yield on crops would be very good.

This too seems to be correct, Rains battering all over the world, for the rest of the events we have to wait until April 2006

DHAARANA (APRIL 2004-2005)

Dhaaranathil Maari Arum Dharaniyil Kaedum Undaam
Oraai Seevangalukku Uyyadhu – Paarpiniyaal
Ayyamadiyumae Yakkam Kuraivaamae
Veiyar Bayame Migum

meaning, in the year Dhaarana, rains will fail, catastrophe and bad events would occur. The beings on earth would not attain comfort or salvation. The world would die of difficulties etc, divine activities like yaagams etc will reduce. Terrorist / Enemical threats would increase.

If we correlate Dharana year’s happenings with this song and it seems concur with events like Tsunami etc happened


Sonnaen Subanuthanil Thodrum Mazhaikonjamam
Pinnae Vilaivu Perugathu Manne Munn
Mathima Kolundaam Madium NaarkaalJeevan
Sattrum Sugam Illai Than

meaning, in the year Subanu rainfall will dwindle as a result crops would not yield in the later part of the year. Moderate benefits during the middle of the year. Cattle would die in large proportions. In total, not a good year even to a small extent


Chitirabanil Sirakka Mazhai Migundhu
Vithulla vellaam Vilayumae – Ethisaiyum
Parparukku Aagadhu Paarvendharkkolamam
Theerpaga Bhoomi Bayam Seppu

meaning, in the year Chitirabanu, rains will be good and adequate resulting in good agricultural yield. Though the year is quite good with people living a kinglike life, those involved in divine activies may have a bad time. Territorial disputes/natural land disasters/threats/fears will exist.


Paaril Vishu Varudam Paalagarkku Peedaiundaam
Kaarpozhivadhillai Murkaalathil – Yeri
Perugadhu Pirrkaalam Peyyumae Maari
Irukaalamum Samannedru Enn

meaning, during the year Vishu, children will have a bad time, rains will fail during the early part of the year and water sources like lakes, reservoirs would not have their water levels increased. In the later part of the year rains will be good and consider the two parts of the year to be equal in giving benefits


Vikrama Aandathanil Meviya Nannmaari Konjam
Akkanuyar Kalazhiyumae – Thokka
Payirtheethaam Noyum Pazhiyumamam Pinbu
Seyirtheerndha Mazhaiyaam Seppu

meaning, during the year Vikrama, the expected rains will be lesser, crops will perish, diseases and curses will spread and during the later part of the year the rains would be remedial to the past effects


Veyya Pramadhiyil Vendhar Kodumaiyilum
Ayyakael Panjamadukkumae – Seyya
Pasukkal Meliyum Paarir kudigal
Sisukaludan Alaivaar thaer

meaning, in the year Pramadhi, even the kings will be in a torment, and heed with fear that famine will strike. As a result, all the cattle would starve, and the people of the world would make an exodus with their children.

Vegudhanya Varuda Maydhaniyil Vellaam
Tharumari Perryumthaan munn – Mugil Soarndhu
Konja Mazhai Peyyum Kulavu Thazhai Thazhaikkum
Panjum Paruthi Uppu Paazh

meaning, during the year Vegudhanyam, rains will set a record though during the early part of the year rains will be less. But agricultural yields will be good, but wool, cotton and salt would be destroyed.


Aadhi Pilavathil Ambuviyil Maanidarkku
Sodhanaiyai Saavu thunbam Thonumae – Needhi
tharu Pasukkal Maeya Thalaimazhai undaam
Paruthiuppu aamanukku Paazh

meaning, the during the first year Prabava, humans will see deaths, problems and difficulties. Rains will be sufficient enough to grow the grass grazed by cattle. Cotton, castor and Salt will get destroyed.


Achayathil Paaril Vilaivu Arrpamamena Sonnalum
Narrcheyalgal Mevum Nalamundaam – Ippuviyil
Maariundu Vellanmai vaavuravay Thaanvilayum
Seerananga Orum theerum

meaning, during the akshaya, though crops would give a meagre yield, good deeds would be on the rise and rains will be adequate to cultivate paddy and all things will get into order.

Though I don’t have a historical track of the things to prove the above songs but with the happenings we could clearly estimate that these are indeed true. We would have to wait to see if these are correct. My belief, it works!!!!

More to come until then…