Well, whats the big deal about 16 and 10? Go ahead read about interesting fact about the 16 and the 10.

You could hear the Tamil people telling these two phrases

  • “Pathinaarum Petru Peruvaazhvu Vaalga”
  • “Pasi Vandhal Paththum Paranthu Pogum”

“Pathinaarum Petru Peruvaazhvu Vaalga” means Attain all the 16 kinds of wealth and prosperity and live a long life. This phrase is used when the elderly people blessing the young people, when the younger people fall at the elders feet or during some auspicious events

“Pasi Vandhal Paththum Paranthu Pogum” means When you are hungry all your 10 characters/characteristics would go away from you. This is a song sung by Avaiyar in one of her works, Moodhurai. The phrase usually is used in times of penury

But what are those 16 kinds of wealth and the 10 things/characters. Here they go

The following song enlists the 16 kinds of wealth, I dont know the exact source of the song yet, but I guess that it could be one of the Shaivaites, Appar or Gnanasambandhar

Thudhivani Veeru Visayam Sandhanam Thunibu
Dhanam Madhi Dhaanyam Sowbhagyam Bhogam Arivu
Azhagu Perumai Aram Kulam Noikalpoon Vayadhu
Padhinaaru Paerum Tharuvai Paraparanae

  1. Thudhivani – Knowledge to Praise esp GODs
  2. Veeru – Courage
  3. Visayam – Wisdom
  4. Sandhanam – Children
  5. Thunibu – Daring Attitude
  6. Dhanam – Money
  7. Madhi – Intellect
  8. Dhaanyam – Food
  9. Sowbhagyam – Prosperity
  10. Bhogam – Harvest
  11. Arivu – brainpower
  12. Azhagu – Beauty
  13. Perumai – Pride
  14. Aram – Good things / Truth
  15. Kulam – Class in Society
  16. Noikalpoon Vayadhu – Long life without any ailment/disease

I have tried to give exact meaning to the the list above, however there are words that are used synonymously sometimes, for e.g. Veeru and Thunibu may mean the same thing in some contexts, but they have subtle differences though. Same goes for Madhi and Arivu.

The above song asks the GOD (Lord Shiva) to bestow all the 16 kinds of wealth.

The following song enlists the 10 characteristics

Maanam Kulam Kalvi Vanmai Arivudaimai
Dhaanam Dhavam Uyarchi Thalanmai – Thaenin
Kasivandha Solliyarmael Kaamurudhal Paththum
Pasivandhida Parandhu Poam

  1. Maanam – Dignity
  2. Kulam – Class in the Society
  3. Kalvi – Education
  4. Vanmai – Strength
  5. Arivudaimai – Knowledge
  6. Dhaanam – Donating Attitude
  7. Dhavam – Penance
  8. Uyarchi – Rank
  9. Thalanmai – Generosity
  10. Kamurudhal – Romance

Thaenin Kasivandha Solliyarmael Kaamurudhal – Romance with women uttering out words that are sweet as honey

Here too I have tried to give the exact meaning, but some of them are approximate. The overall meaning of the song is that If hunger strikes a human, then all the 10 characteristics mentioned above would go away from him/her until his hunger is over. None of the above in the list takes priority until the stomach is filled.

More to come. Until then…